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Ambassador of Goodwill George McCrae

Children waiting to learn about dental hygiene at the new clinic

Although dental care is not the first thing you think about in respect of poverty and development aid but oral health is an integral component of general health. Dental care is a necessity for a good general health. Nevertheless, proper dental care is,  for the disadvantaged, inaccessible and prohibitive, irrespective of whether they live in some of the world’s most wealthy or the world’s poorest countries. Oral health problems remain a global problem and therefore must be a global concern.

In the strong belief that only a healthy nation may form the layering foundations for a sound economic development, which assisted by educational progress shall procure in a stable and peaceful cooperation between groups of man, the “Oral Health Foundation Rwanda” (OHFR) wishes in joint-effort with the people of Rwanda to contribute to a better health of the poor farmers and less fortunate citizens in the inlands of that country. It wishes to achieve this by striving to supply in an adequate and more structural dental and oral care in Rwanda.

Locals waiting outside of the Oral Health Foundation Rwanda dental clinic built in 2010 in Remera-Rukoma

In Rwanda most of the children have never seen a dentist and when they suffer with dental problems they don’t know where to go for dental care. The Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR) has set as goal the offering of oral care to specially the small inland communities by setting up an infrastructure of visiting oral specialized professionals, nick named “the Bare Feet Dentists.” In cooperation with extant “health centres” it aims to prepare and carry out information to and training of the local people.

Since there is a high rate of AIDS/HIV victims in Rwanda, the OHFR likes to pay special attention to the relation between AIDS/HIV and dental care. There are many dental health issues associated with HIV/AIDS. The OHFR will contribute to a better quality of life for HIV/AIDS patients and opens the opportunity to give better treatment.

The home of the new dental clinic in the hospital premises of Remera-Rukoma, Rwanda

At present, a world without oral diseases is a dream. It is up to us all, the international community as a whole to take decisive action to end the suffering of all these people. In my capacity as Goodwill Ambassador of the OHFR, I will do my best to foster an even stronger commitment to ensuring that the disadvantaged have access to proper oral health care resources to cultivate their hope for a better life.

George McCrae
Goodwill Ambassador


Rwanda Dental Org. Direct Donations and Sponsoring

Christiaan van Es
Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR)
Chopinstraat 148
1817GD  Alkmaar
The Netherlands
Cell: +297 741 2559


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